Be prepared!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Only 96 days to go.... Good old Ringtons!

Cor best get cracking on this Christmas prep lark - 96 days will sure disappear quickly! This is going to be the Christmas get together at my house project for October -I do hope the ladies enjoy it!
Although activity has been slack in the blogging for Christmas department it has not in the real world. I bought 3 pressies today and my table centrepiece from the Ringtons man! Along with admiring his very chic Kipling bag his basket was bursting with ideas. Never heard of the Ringtons man? check them out here Ive been supping their tea since I was knee high to a grasshopper and my Mum, Grandma and great Grandma too - fab they are still making gorgeous gifts after all this time! Their door to door round is an excellent service especially for those less able to get out and about with very very affordable goodies that I succumb to every year find out more here. My Ringtons Man (Skipton) is particularly friendly and is never surprised I am still in my Jammies at 11-30am or that my hair hasn't seen the brush or that I never have the right change if I have cash at all! I bought 3 of these and this is my table centre piece complete with chocs Isn't it cool? I can fill it every year with surprise goodies!
There I am feeling much more organised already....
xxx Janet