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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Well that fell flat LOL

Can't even muster more than 3 entries for my giveaway for the Christmas traditions! I had been going to do a blog candy giveaway too for hitting 5000 visits but that would possibly be just too soul destroying!
Anyway the random generator has picked no 1 out of the 3 entries (one was in the comments) so Lisa Sparkle you win the prize. Just email me here and I will post it out to you x Janet

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  1. Sorry about that Janet, I completely missed it. I think everyone is so busy at the moment and I do get confused with your having 2 blogs that I sometimes visit one and sometimes another. Don't be despondent (ooh big word) blame it on everyone finishing their Christmas preparations menaing they didn't have time to visit yours. Hugs Marianne x


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