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Saturday, 9 January 2010

So my first projects for Christmas 2010!

These jars will be filled with sweeties for the school fayre. The Fayre has a surprise room where children can go choose, buy and wrap Christmas gifts for parents and Grandparents so they must be priced reasonably whilst still making some money. the squarish jars are from Asdas caramelised onion chutney - I love it. They must go through the dishwasher a few times though as the smell lingers on!

These coffee break boxes are for the surprise room too - made using the ultimate crafters companion box maker and 6inch square card. ribbon and papers from dovecraft. They will have a sachet of coffee or a tea bag, 2 sachets of sugar and a chocolate biscuit added nearer the time.
These have gone to my brothers to store in the loft until November!

Yes you have guessed it its a roses tin in disguise! I make lots of Christmas cakes every year to give away as gifts so I collect the sweet tins from family, friends and colleagues after Christmas.
I would usually alter them before i sent them out but ran out of time last year so here they are all done and ready for the cakes! Now they can go up in the loft in a bin liner until I need them in December.

Papers used are Minasie Moo by blonde moments

and Winter wonderland by Dovecraft.

5 Altogether - but no red tins this year usually get some celebration tins too which are more the traditional Chrsitmassy colours.

Found 3 more jars to decorate with the left overs!

So I feel im ahead - how long will that last LOL


  1. What an absolutely brilliant start. I love all your creations Janet especially your coffee break kits. Good Luck. Gez.xx

  2. Fab idea - seperate blog for Christmassy stuff! Can't wait to see what you get up to the rest of the year!
    Teri x

  3. You are far too organised Clarky!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The little jars look fab, have you thought about putting some bicarb inside to take away the smell? could put a spoonful inside a piece of kitchen roll or something.

  5. I love that chutney too.great idea of having a christmas blog and so inspiring.

    hugs you secret santa from rak.

  6. What a great idea Janet, well done, I've started reading this first post and am very impressed with how much you'd done for starters, and all looking great. Will work my way up!

    Jill x


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